Michael DelaCruz

Mike D is the mentor you've always wanted: driven, focused, family-oriented, and fun. He began his entrepreneurial career at the early age of 19 consulting and marketing for law firms and chiropractors. In 2004, he founded his first real estate servicing company that worked with thousands of notaries around the nation. Today, Mike directs the Dossier Capital team's construction managers, design consultants, project schedules and budgets. You can catch him at the office, leading our weekly Monday Mastery Sessions, and spending time with his wife and two young sons.

After discovering an opportunity in an under-served real estate niche, Mike founded CMD Mobile Notary, a nationwide mobile notary service that focused on providing service from the best notaries to lenders throughout the country. After adapting his business model in 2008, and eventually selling the company, he and his current business partners discovered a tremendous opportunity to leverage their strengths and experience in real estate to buy homes at deep discounts, add value and create profit.

Today, Mike DelaCruz serves as one of three partners at Dossier Capital. His gift for finding key talent and building a balanced team, coupled with his passion for self-development, teaching and strategizing, has enabled Mike to lead the group in company culture creation and developing systems for scaling growth.

Dennis Battung

Dennis is known for his unique style on all fronts - fashion, his mustache, and especially his ability to envision out-of-the-box business solutions that drive incredible results. His story in Real Estate has totaled nearly 15 years of experience at a large mortgage banking firm, acquiring his Broker's license in 2009 and starting his own residential Real Estate company. Now, as a Real Estate entrepreneur, Dennis crunches numbers with the best of them and leads the Dossier Capital acquisitions and liquidation strategies. Today, you can find Dennis brainstorming in the office, analyzing and making deals, and spending time chasing his 2-year old twin boys all over town with his wife.

Dennis is one of three co-founders of Dossier Capital and utilizes his strengths to evaluate acquisitions and determine sales prices based on his analysis of the local market, including the demographics and recent sales in the area. A key component of the Dossier Capital success has been on cultivating relationships with top Real Estate professionals - everyone from Realtors to investors to title and escrow companies and other business visionaries who hold similar values to the Dossier Capital brand. His relationship building is key in our growth.

He is a true Californian - born in Oxnard, raised in the Inland Empire and then purchasing his first home in Pasadena - Dennis knows LA county and the Foothills region almost too well. His upbringing coupled with his experience in both corporate and small scale Real Estate ventures defines Dennis' unparalleled contribution as a creative leader in our team's future direction.

Michael Randall

Michael's keen attention to detail and focus on analytics keeps the ship sailing smoothly and successfully, while his eye for design and love of technology bring a fresh perspective into their projects. Michael's upbringing in an entrepreneurial environment inspired him to begin building businesses. Today, Michael manages the money, oversees financing of projects, joint ventures, bookkeeping, job-cost analyses, vendor credit, and legal and tax matters. In his free time, Michael enjoys traveling abroad, honing his photography skills, and hiking with his girlfriend and their two dogs.

Michael's exposure to entrepreneurship from a young age fueled his passion for finding what makes a business successful. Throughout his time working for an array of successful companies, including McDonald's, Arco, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Nordstrom, Michael found himself analyzing their systems and industry-leading practices, eventually applying this knowledge in his own businesses. In 2005, he joined forces with Michael DelaCruz to grow CMD Mobile Notary while building his own small retail business in Victorville, CA that continues to do over $1M in annual sales. His relentless work ethic, knack for numbers, and capacity for organization enable Michael to fully provide for his mother, along with managing multiple businesses.

Today, you can find Michael behind the scenes as managing partner, utilizing dual computer monitors and spreadsheets to oversee Dossier Capital's analytics and operations. When he steps away from crunching numbers, he enjoys bringing together design elements that differentiate their brand. Michael's unique strengths play a key role in Dossier Capital's growth, ensuring profitability is a valued priority in the pursuit of real estate investment products.